Spat out and left to rot by his sport and the big business that controls it, it could have ended far worse for Floyd Landis. But he says it cannot get any worse for the freak show that once seduced and controlled him, writes Ewan MacKenna Floyd Landis couldn’t sleep on Monday night. A nagging question of […]

Rob Heffernan has done what few in Irish sport have, which makes the neglecting of his duty all the more frustrating as regards his legacy and that of his sport, writes Ewan MacKenna There were many familiar faces dotted throughout the room. Derval O’Rourke. Thomas Barr. Gary O’Donovan. Natalya Coyle. Olive Loughnane. All there to […]

The year gone by showed just how rancid much of our sport and those involved in it have become, and with that in mind the year ahead needs to be the beginning of massive change  Open all the windows. Open the doors if you must. Anything to try and rid us of that foul stench for […]

Sports doesn’t care about it and Wada doesn’t want to fix but as TUEs continue on as the latest scourge and the latest deceipt, we are expected to keep buying the bullshit, writes Ewan MacKenna Across the leaks, there have now been 127 athletes caught up in having their Thereputic Use Exemptions made public. Almost none […]

  The treatment of their own sport by key players is bad, but not nearly as appalling as how cycling views the rest of us, expecting them to buy whatever crap they are selling, writes Ewan MacKenna ‘Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know, I was blind but […]

Irish boxing was the envy of the world not so long ago; now however it’s in complete freefall thanks to the ego, actions and ability of those that continue to run it, writes Ewan MacKenna With a fortnight to go before they headed for Brazil, an old friend of theirs decided he’d pay the boxing […]

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist; the greatest trick the IOC ever pulled was convincing the world their spirit does, writes Ewan MacKenna Earlier in the week, after colliding and collapsing in the women’s 5,000m, Abbey D’Agostino helped Nikki Hamblin from the floor and the two completed […]