Monthly Archives: August 2014

Don’t care, won’t care, will never care

Let’s drop the cheesy our girls’ rhetoric. The fact is that women’s sport will simply never be as good as men’s and in an era where we want to watch the best, we won’t give them a second thought, writes Ewan MacKenna There was a time when there were more great stories than successes. Far more, given […]

Method but so much madness

Louis van Gaal has proven in the past he can put the structures in place for future successes. But he’s also proven his attitude and ego mean he’s at Manchester United for a good time, not a long time, writes Ewan MacKenna  It’s not so much the trophies – and there are plenty of them […]

Football is moving towards a stale monopoly, yet this is largely being ignored

Step by step, as Dublin with their vast and unheralded natural advantages continue to do so much right, they are making the sport boring and redundant for so many others, writes Ewan MacKenna. Everyone has their own memory of what it once was. But here, it’s from 16 years ago, when Kildare finally walked over the line after […]