Monthly Archives: October 2014

Beyond the fame game

We’ve traded our heroes for ghosts, our sporting stars for celebrities. Oscar Pistorius taught us that much as we couldn’t get enough of him on the track and wanted even more of him in the court room while forgetting reality and the real victims. Some things you should know. Away from the cameras and before the coffin, Reena […]

Until the last breath…

Heroes and heroics come in all shapes and sizes in sport. But sometimes it comes where and when we least expect it, like the dying days long after the final whistle has blown, writes Ewan MacKenna This is the story of two very different men from very different sports who played at very different levels […]

Dull and dusted

Arsenal are a zombie club because they’re built in the image of their manager. And where once Arsene Wenger used to push boundaries and excite, now he just conforms to the predictability in so many ways, writes Ewan MacKenna This is a difficult one. Ask any journalist and they’ll tell you just how hard it can […]

An uncomfortable truth

Wife-beaters, child-abusers, players above the law, a law in sync with players, a media tip-toeing the line, owners, coaches and teammates not bothering to speak out. Welcome to the NFL, says Ewan MacKenna Last February, Ray Rice and his fiancée entered the elevator of a casino in Atlantic City. By the time they exited, CCTV showed […]