Monthly Archives: November 2014

Billy’s boys still cast long shadow

In 1993, the Republic of Ireland were a step away from the World Cup but that step involved their nearest neighbours and a game that would affect a generation, writes Ewan MacKenna  Ryan McKane was only 10 at the time but can still remember his parents having an angry discussion over what should happen next. He’d […]

The confessions of a ghostwriter

Long hours, limited pay, lost hair, and gained weight. Away from the showbiz of launches and fight for position on Christmas bookshelves, those who put the real work into autobiographies have it anything but easy. It’s just after lunch back in 2010 but your day is already nine hours old due to catching the first train for a planned […]

A racket with no net

Tennis exists in a cosy world of big money, good looks and high performance that’s left everyone smiling. But behind this, the carry on of the sport suggests there’s a dark and dirty secret, writes Ewan MacKenna Perhaps it was the early hours that were playing tricks. It was near rising time for everyone else yet you […]