Monthly Archives: April 2015

Euro glories leave a continent depressed

The big bucks and big names in France’s Top 14 have led to the league becoming the powerhouse within rugby, a situation that threatens to worsen and create a monopoly, writes Ewan MacKenna. On 15 October, 2005, Max Guazzini saw the realisation of a dream many had deemed to be impossible. An eccentric entrepreneur who’d struck […]

Grounds for concern

Spending massive money on stadia stuck in a timewarp, the GAA are making the same mistake over and over while inexplicably getting no bang for big bucks, writes Ewan MacKenna. It was 1999 when journalist Paul Howard had the brilliant idea of taking Phil Scraton on a tour of a semi-developed Croke Park. An academic and […]

The God squads – the fallacy and the ferocity of religion in sport

It’s getting harder to find a win not chalked down to Jesus, but while such actions go against true belief, they can go a long way towards tricking the mind towards victory, writes Ewan MacKenna I say to people who pray, ‘Suppose God doesn’t answer your prayer’. And they say, ‘Well, it’s his will, I will accept his will’. […]

In redeveloping Rio, the Games aren’t always Olympian

The countdown is on to the 2016 Olympics but while the organisers have some honourable ideas, ultimately the speculators and not the citizens of a tough town will profit, writes Ewan MacKenna. A forty-minute crawl through viscous traffic, the bus station rather than the beach is where it’s best to understand Rio de Janeiro. There are no […]

Agendas over analysis the real reason for football’s crisis talk

As Joe Brolly leads the latest charge against the sport, others are following based on no more than a publicity crusade. The problem is none have bothered to check the facts, writes Ewan MacKenna. I’ve only had the pleasure of Joe Brolly’s company on a single occasion. It was upstairs in the Palace in Temple Bar […]