Monthly Archives: May 2015

Why Leinster’s feeling blue

The championship may have just thrown in, but for those in the east it’s as good as over as the shadow cast by Dublin means they never stood a chance in a numbers game, writes Ewan MacKenna ‘Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?’ Comfortably Numb, Pink […]

A bitter pill for the once-sweet science

Boxing used to tell the tale of our history and the tale of the overlooked classes. But too much greed and too many wrong turns means it now just tells the tale of its own failure, writes Ewan MacKenna. For many, it’s been the bout that’s kept on giving. Granted, very little had to do with […]

Running to stand still

Growing up in the west, you’re told that sport and politics simply don’t mix. But in the Middle-East they are interchangable and while some brave souls try to use mere games to help children rise above the Israel-Palestine conflict, for many it’s just another extension of a hatred with no solution. Ewan MacKenna reports from a place […]