Monthly Archives: June 2015

A tick in all the wrong boxes

Nike once had the wellbeing of athletics at its very core, but in the name of profits they now not only look past cheating, but some suggest they are a big part of it, writes Ewan MacKenna. Meander through the Nike website and you’ll land on their mission statement. “Bring inspiration and innovation to every […]

Turning the numbers game in their favour

Long plagued by high emigration and a struggle to field club teams, many traditionally poorer counties are now cashing in on their ex-pat communities, writes Ewan MacKenna.  Just as in so many other ways, they were the pioneers when it came to fundraising. Back in 1981, ahead of their world tour, Kerry players started out thinking […]

The teflon John

Delaney’s decade has resulted in politicking when reform was needed, left Irish soccer in a sorry state and seen more and more stakeholders alienated – yet he’s untouchable, writes Ewan MacKenna. Early last Sunday, just as they always do, a gang of life-long Ireland fans gathered in Section 114 of the South Stand in Lansdowne Road. It’s an […]

End of the empire

But while Sepp Blatter may be gone, his legacy will live on, leaving any new Fifa to clean up a massive mess and the old Fifa with endless questions to answer, writes Ewan MacKenna Next to the conference room in Fifa’s eight-year-old Zurich headquarters sits what’s often described plainly as a quiet space. In reality it’s […]