Monthly Archives: January 2016

Bribery, guns, mafia, prostitution… Tennis has them all covered

It’s a sport that promotes a clean-cut image but beyond allegations of match-fixing, there’s a dark underbelly behind the glitz and glamour, writes Ewan MacKenna For those on the inside, it’s an incident that’s well known. Not so long ago, a western European player struggling to make it out of the third-tier of tennis decided an […]

Stuck outside the paywall

Rugby has rapidly followed in football’s footsteps and with money talking loudly, Ireland’s provinces will never see glory again, writes Ewan MacKenna Ultimately, life comes down to just a few moments. So you look in the mirror, straighten your tie, and inhale. You remind yourself that this is one of those moments and head for […]

One-track minds

Seb Coe’s continuation as head of athletics is just more of the same. But as a filthy, unforgivable past is dragged into the present don’t be fooled by talk of change, with chatter about this being just Russia, or by the idea it should be part of the Olympics, writes Ewan MacKenna. ‘You are an old man who thinks in terms […]

The sound and the Fury

  We’ve been made well aware of the heavyweight champion’s abhorrent views but no one questions why he holds them and why we should expect or demand any different, writes Ewan MacKenna. When Sonny Liston was a child his father would pummel him so badly that, decades later, the marks on his skin and bones were […]