Monthly Archives: May 2016

Making dopes of us all

If cheating comes naturally to the human race, then it’s proven by the state of sport which leaves us asking what hope is there for tomorrow and what’s the point anymore, writes Ewan MacKenna Two kids are playing a game of Monopoly when one goes to refill a glass of Coke – the other sees […]

The greed behind the Games

  Three years ago the Confederations Cup became a uniting point for a frustrated society; but now the Olympics are the forgotten backdrop for a country fragmented and in chaos, writes Ewan MacKenna Better known for his homophobic slurs and Mad Men attitude to women, a month ago Jair Bolsonaro took to the microphone in […]

Say goodbye to my little friend

Leicester made football remember its underdogs, but they were just in time as from next season there’s no such this as a Premier League underdog, writes Ewan MacKenna By the time the box was ready for ticking, most had crossed it out as irrelevant. Back on 1 March, a 2-2 draw earned Leicester City their […]