Letter From Lockdown Six – If you want to be children, we’ll teach you like children. It’s the ultimate A-Z of Covid

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Wednesday was fun, wasn’t it?

A peak behind the silky, luxurious drapes only to peer in at an abandoned and dilapidated room. A glimpse under the mink coat only to see not just no knickers but general chaos.

We’ve been told for over a year that we’ve to listen to the experts of NPHET, to blindly follow the science they push as if there was only one narrow version with all the answers to something so new, to trust Dr Tony Holohan to keep us safe as he alone knows what’s best.

Go on then, how’d that work out for you?

Over a year that cannot be redeemed by some voucher given to you for a staycation.

For what we saw when NPHET brought their groovy gang to a Dáil committee for an afternoon was hilarity and calamity. A total lack of expertise, the complete absence of any science, and the dictatorial arrogance of Holohan as he threw colleagues under the bus, talked down to elected representatives, and spoke of a populace as if a nuisance to him.

Civil servants?

These people expect to be served.

If they’d their way no trouser of the common man would be left with knees intact.

So much showed them up – and remember this was only antigen testing, so imagine if they’d been asked throughout the hard questions by a pandering political class, a pandering press, and a pandering public at home due to a bitter cocktail of fear, laziness, and comfort.

Take Ronan Glynn as an example, when he said antigen tests couldn’t be used in aviation because simulations are just that, rather than real-world studies. And yet all the data NPHET used to push their 15-months of locking down a country were mere simulations too.

Take Philip Nolan across from him who has been behind those models with every single one a gross exaggeration of what actually happened, yet with no interest in reeling in the fears.

Take Cillian de Gascun who has been a vocal opponent of antigen testing making life easier and more affordable for some, while letting many others live and work, but who fails to regularly mention he’s chair of the only Irish lab spinning PCR tests at a cost of €200 a unit.

Take Holohan himself who, back at work months now, seemingly hasn’t had the time or interest to read the commissioned report from Professor Mark Ferguson, the chief scientific advisor to the government, that ultimately cleared the way for antigen testing to be both used wisely and safely in such spheres, as Tony once more knew way better than everyone.

And take Mary Keogan who came up to a webcam to show us how an antigen test, drowned in either tonic water or Diet Coke, could provide a false positive as seen on “the internet” and this the professor that signed off on the HSE Antigen Test Validation Report that stopped its use despite not realising that no one suggested they’d be self-administered.

Experts? Science? Trust us? Are you for real?

We cannot change the past, even if we can hold people accountable for it, but for now let us think purely about where we are. For did you ever consider the logic of people who believe that a person would show up at an airport for their holiday without Covid, head to the bar and demand a bottle of Schweppes, and proceed to doctor their test so it looked like they actually had the virus and could be told to go home and quarantine? And did you ever consider then that we should give these people complete control over everything?

That’s what has happened and is still happening.

It should have been an insult to basic intelligence yet the worst was to come.

Having called time on the meeting – as six members of the NPHET hierarchy were indoors without masks and closer than two metres, with Holohan saying it was getting dangerous for their health – off he headed to be granted the Freedom of Dublin having denied Dublin any freedom, and right now he is among the bookies’ favourites for president. Meanwhile the government that lay down in front of him for so long were by Wednesday night three points further along in the polls than they were when creeping past the post in the last election.

They treated the nation like kids, but clearly a lot of the nation want to be treated that way.

A people who left the mother’s milk and headed straight over to the national biddy.

If so many want to be dealt with as if children though, let’s explain what has gone down since last March in an easy, infantile and fun way to try and help them understand.

Come on kids, let’s go outside and play a little game.

A is for… Astra
The first of the miracle cures that came along late in 2020 and that would allow us to protect the people. A life-saver and a game-changer to the point that no politics could get in the way. Available to any and all over 18, with a second dose 16 weeks after the first, with the only real downside being it takes three weeks to have an effect.

(Please see Zeneca for further ‘the science’…)

B is for Balanced Debate
Lately, the term anti-lockdowner has become more and more common parlance.

That seems strange to me, for I guess I’d fit the terms of such an interesting description.

For the record, I’m also anti-walking-in-dog-shite-while-barefoot-on-an-isolated-beach, anti-catching-my-wife-in-bed-with-all-living-members-of-The-Blind-Boys-Of-Alabama, and anti-piercing-the-back-of-my-scrotal-sack-using-merely-a-rusty-nail-and-a-paper-weight.


It assumes by extension they are pro-lockdown as if some badge of moral and intellectual honour. Which would be fine if there were bodies on the streets, no vaccine and, top of that pile, no extensive data and real-world examples from the past year that suggest there’s a far better option to try and balance life and a virus in a way that limits damage for all people.

For that to be a consideration, there would have had to be, you know… balanced debate.

You’re going to have to hand me that paper weight so as I get on the right side of history.

C is for Conspiracy Theory
Now I’ve never set fire to the base of a 5G tower. I don’t even know what 5G is other than some faster network that ends human interaction beyond the screen of an iPhone.

But when it comes to quirky outlooks on life, I always found it fun when there was no violence involved. In a past life in a far-away country, a person in our drinking group was convinced the con trails from overhead, high-flying aircraft were attempts to spy on his brain. Under busy routes, they’d refuse to sit in the open and have to have a roof above.

We used to laugh rather than talk about the threat they posed to the world. It seems that lacks the modern hysteria though where everything is a danger to everything and must be expressed as such. For that I apologise as we just thought this person was fairly out there.

One thing about conspiracy theories is that while you do occasionally get the odd whacko, many that hold them are reduced to them because nothing makes sense. And throughout Covid, there’s not just been a lack of sense, there’s been anti-sense oft running the show.

One other thing about conspiracy theories is they are only just that until proven to be true.

No one is saying jet fuel can’t melt steel beams meaning 9/11 was an inside job, or that Gary Lineker is neither the ultimate corporate shill nor a massive and odious twat, it’s just that last summer the idea of future vaccine passports seemingly made you a dangerous conspiracy theorist, and the Wuhan lab leak theory made you a racist conspiracy theorist.

Today those two just make you right.

D is for Disinformation
Perhaps the buzzword of this entire shit-show, used to illustrate evil in the same way deep breathing was George Lucas’s way of letting you know that Darth Vadar was nearby.

The problem is that it’s either used without understanding or with utter hypocrisy. Some mad man tells you Bill Gates wanting to gain access to your rectum is seemingly an issue, but some media darling doctor telling you vaccines don’t work on variants is acceptable?

Which is it? There cannot be good disinformation and bad disinformation. It’s either rubbish or it’s not.

Besides, do the media driving this obsession with the term not see the irony of writing an article that can only exist because a company bought an ad space from them to fill with disinformation. That’s what funds the entire industry. Marketing. Some nonsense telling some poor sap he needs a product he really doesn’t, as it’s so much better than it really is.

And why is it such disinformation is suddenly a problem anyway, as if humanity was honest before? The entire society we know has been crafted by disinformation, from rich to poor, powerful to weak, high life to low life. All bought and sold by an eternity of lies and bullshit.

Disinformation? It used to be the junction where human nature met getting ahead.

E is for Endgame
Here are some questions for my pro-lockdown friends and their unruptured scrotal sacks.

What sort of data set exactly do you want to get out of this? What R number? What incidence rate? What case rate? What level of hospitalisation? What level of vaccination?

Just what is it you want? Because I’m tired of holding tight, careful now, and a tad longer.

From this vantage point nothing is ever enough as no matter how good it gets and how low we go, it’s always something else. So, do you want a negative R number? Do you want extinction of our species so the virus has no hosts and therefore no cases? Do you want those that have tragically passed on to break through the soil and wander around again?

It’s gone so far it can seem that way.

Of course, we know nothing is good enough, because this whole experience for those controlling the narrative and the decisions has been the equivalent of a porn-mad teen with unlimited data and a free house for the weekend. For all they’ve learned about Covid, the scientists and academics have learned too of funding available for research to make us immortal, and key media have seen ratings and ads explode via a level of fear akin to being cornered in a snug by John Waters, Gemma O’Doherty and Robert Pye for a night.

They’ll drag the arse out of Covid.

All the while coming up with something else to scare and control.

F is for Fauci
As in Professor Anthony Fauci.

Why him, you might ask as that’s a far-away issue for a column predominantly dealing with Ireland? Well, it’s because perhaps better than anyone out there he has surmised how a pandemic across the globe wasn’t always, or wasn’t even mostly, about a virus at different times.

So much of this has been pure politics.

Remember when Donald Trump called him out? That made Fauci a hero.

He even stayed that way after Jim Jordan asked why Texas out of lockdown was doing far better than lockdown states only for Fauci to oddly reply, “There’s a difference between lockdown and people obeying the lockdown… You’re speaking too fast, I can’t understand. I can’t see that, it’s too far away.” That’s of course because Jordan is a Republican yet ever since Joe Biden mentioned the possibility of the Wuhan lab and there’s been an acceptance of it by John Stewart, the left are suddenly okay with Fauci being wrong and not a hero.

That’s what it took.

Thus it’s not what you say, it’s who says it. More recently across the water it’s been no different with a sort of IPA-drinking London-based faux-socialist actually wanting to lockdown for no other reason than to say Boris Johnson shouldn’t have opened up.

Had Trump been for lockdowns, we guarantee Democrats would have talked the economy.

Had Johnson not opened up in a big way, we guarantee Labour would be talking liberties.

Closer to home had the protests earlier in the year been for closing down, we guarantee a large amount of the more woke folk in our society would have talked about the damage to those worst off at home and abroad, and the years of suffering they’ll endure for a virus with around a 0.2 per cent mortality rate, and an average age of death heading towards 90, and warned of a poverty-hating, far-right infiltrated fringe that just wanted more PUP.

You say tomato, I say tomato.

You say potato, I say potato.

You say Covid, I say proportionality.

G is for Gerry Killeen
We could have used any amount of his ilk, but G is tough so we said we’d bring you the heavyweight champion of nutters right here. Besides he’s not a bad fit to highlight his sort.

It’s quite remarkable that given we’re a small island with relatively few people who by extension achieved limited glories in the international field, we’d never heard of Gerry before. After all, he’s a sort of Irish cross between Neil Armstrong, Elvis and the Curies.

It wasn’t even that long ago that he was on national TV demanding everyone accepts his view as during his relatively few years he’d been on the frontline of stopping three other pandemics (I’m not even kidding you at that point). A year ago, he also said opening up would lead to “a bamboozling 1,000 deaths a day”, and more recently he’s suggested another two years of lockdowns. He’s also threatened to take his hurl to nay-sayers.

Granted Gerry is only the Garfunkel to the Simon that is Sam McConkey in this ISAG realm.

The emperor of exaggeration, the doyen of depression, the monarch of misery, the sultan of a swing and a big, embarrassing, laughable miss. Sam has gone from demanding we stay open when the mortality rate threatened seven per cent, to suggesting 120,000 would die in Ireland; from last summer claiming there was a one in a million chance of contracting Covid in Ireland, to by September saying Dublin would have 5,000 cases a day. And most lately he was heard vouching for restrictions to be in place until some time in… 2026.

They’re far from alone in their species and since summer kicked in it’s been good to see Aoife McLysaght provide some gender balance to it all. But in these days of diversity, we’re left with the feeling that we need a black and a trans nutter to take the baton for a while.

H is for Health
If there was a large swathe of people throughout Covid who could never be wrong, and would go to levels of mental gymnastics that meant Nadia Comaneci should be retrospectively marked down, this showed it best.

They of course refused to accept any physical health issues and repercussions that didn’t involve Covid, but by health we specifically mean mental health and their outlook.

Back on 4 September, an article in The Journal correctly debunked a myth circulating that 33 people had committed suicide in a day. As they rightly noted, “There is usually a time gap of two years or longer in the release of final, official figures from the CSO on deaths by suicide”. Indeed the legalese involved in Ireland on top of Covid backlogs mean longer delays again. Yet the same people who wanted to debunk this claim then ignored why it couldn’t have been true when the Irish Times revealed soon after there’d been absolutely no increase in suicides.

We couldn’t have possibly known and won’t for some time, and we don’t know how long the effects will last in people and the damage it’ll do way off into the future. Kids have had no companionship. Children have had no education. Teens no dates. Adults won’t have work. The elderly have been left alone.

And why does it have to be suicide right now in this debate and not just the mental damage done by a year of loneliness and madness. Not everything has or can suit those who wanted to lockdown. Then again if and when there is a mental health tidal wave, these same people will be front and centre offering up their concerns and experiences and knowledge.

Oh, but guess what? H is also for hypocrisy.

I is for Ice Caps
Rightly or wrongly, this is next.

There are already signs of a shifting society and a new normal and a build back better incorporating a fight back against climate change as the seas take over the land.

That’ll be quite something.

One day a war on a virus, the next a war on a climate.

If we’re so desperate for a fight, can we just have a normal war as at least we can win that.

I believe in climate change because, as with everything, I’ve looked at and tried to follow the reasonable data. One thing has changed for me across the year though as I no longer care about it. By now in fact I’m happy to share one last salad with Eamon Ryan as the waves lap against his gable end and the bicycle lane to his front door is slowly submerged.

Every cloud and all that.

J is for Journalism
Once this was the preserve of a gritty sort of folk who worked from a bar stool, questioned people while wearing shirts stained in a combination of the fish of the day and the drinks of the week, and had absolutely no respect for authority. Or anyone or anything for that matter.

Now it’s the preserve of those who’ve been taught what journalism is in university, like to dress up to go to press conferences, play whatever the game is that’ll get them up the ladder, and are obsessed with likes which is often an obsession with what isn’t the truth.

One day the crowd want lockdowns so we find people in support of them to talk.

The next day the crowd want masks so we put up a photo of ourselves in one.

A year on they want neither of these things so we savage those that did.

The wind sock of the working world.

K is for K-Shaped Recovery
Sure we’re printing money.

Sure everyone has saved a fortune.

Sure society is loaded.

Sure we’ll bounce right back.

After the medical experts, return the economic experts, most of whom predicted nothing but greatness and growth forever more in the late 2000s. They are doing it again and to a point they’ll be right. There will be money. There will be growth. There will be profits.

But it’ll be around those who don’t need it as a larger and larger group are left behind.

If you’re on the right side of this divide though, you’ll make sure we don’t talk about it too much. We’ll use GDP instead of GNP. We’ll highlight the jobs gained and not the jobs lost. We’ll allow the bank deposits of the few to cover over the withdrawals of the rest to show how good we have it.

Then again, the motto of the comfortable has long been I’m alright Jack.

L is for Liquidation
The next time you hear someone say we’re nearly at the end, remember that you sacrificed an awful lot for them and they mean the end is near for them.

The likelihood is this is only starting for many, as Covid was never their real worry, with a roof over their head and putting food on the family table and paying for their kids’ schooling a far bigger concern.

It’s hard to do that when you’re livelihood is liquidated.

So after the demands made by one part of society, let’s see if they return the favour? Unlikely, because as your businesses and jobs disappear and the banks come for their chunk, their businesses and jobs will be the ones that fill the market gap and prosper.

That’s the sort we’re dealing with.

Remember how we were all in it together and no one would profit from Covid?

How come then the wealth increase of the 10 richest alone in that time could have bought every human a vaccine?

Meanwhile as the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos was applauded for donating a couple of billion more to charity in a tax-avoidance maneuver as she bemoaned disproportionate wealth and said she’d “empty the safe”, it was ignored how her wealth went from $36bn to $60bn in the past two years.

Some will continue to hoover up more, and some will love the gap left as small and medium and local businesses collapse. It just opens up a bigger market for the greed of the rich.

It’s Covid, stupid.

No, wait, it’s the economy, stupid.

M is for More Like Them
Do you know how many lockdowns Australia has had and how life can be stopped in an instant, and the rights that have been removed, and how kids died because they weren’t allowed interstate travel for transplants, and how there’s a waiting list to get in for citizens, and there’s next to no escape for non-citizens trapped there, and how such travel will be banned for another year, and how their export companies are in trouble, and how they don’t really know how to get out of this now as open up and in comes Covid and the misery it brings?

Do you know how far isolated New Zealand is from the rest of the world, and how it doesn’t have a land border, and how it isn’t part of an integrated free-travel area of 400m others, and how their hospital system nearly collapsed in January as they couldn’t import staff?

Do you know what life is like on a daily basis for people in Vietnam and China?

Sometimes you can’t be more like them.

Sometimes you should never want to be.

N is for Nursing Homes
“You know the way the hospitals aren’t full?”


“And the few in those hospitals are elderly with Covid?”


“Why don’t we take them out of the hospitals and put them back in the nursing homes?”

“That doesn’t sound like a great idea.”

“Don’t question me, I’m an expert.”

O is for Obligatory
Here’s where I get really confused, for when did what someone else puts in their body become so interesting to so many? I don’t care who takes the morning after pill. I don’t care who takes abortion medication. I don’t care who goes to a Berlin rubber club for their long weekend and has an array of fruit shoved up their rectum by a masked man in leather.

It’s not my business and nor is it anyone else’s.

The same applies with the vaccine, yet it’s interesting that those who have been strictly in it for themselves through this are now suddenly interested in what everyone else does.

That’s quite a shift in thinking. You take the vaccine and worry about yourself surely?

There’s another trend I get really confused by in this sphere with people demanding shops should deny those without the vaccines entrance. I happen to believe a private business shouldn’t get to make this choice, just as I happened to think the shop in Northern Ireland should have made a wedding cake for a gay couple despite opposition to homosexuality.

Besides, what’s the grounds for this?

Everyone catches the virus after the vaccine, and they mutate it just the same, and if spreading it is your issue then aren’t you lucky you got vaccinated. As for the notion of a burden on the health system – well so are fat people and drinkers and bad eaters and smokers and more. Should we make it a law that these people live as you say?

When I was growing up there was always a gossipy sort talking about who ran off with who.

This sort is now the mainstream.

It’s even strange they were worried about medical details from the recent HSE hack being released online as seemingly they think that’s all their business anyway.

P is for Pop-Up Tents
Now this was real Covid logic.

With numbers dwindling, and asymptomatic people showing no signs of it, and also not being a particular danger because they can’t spread it in the same way as those going around coughing and spluttering, we said we’d go looking for trouble. Up came the army tents – some great achievement that involved soldiers pulling ropes to erect them.

On the news that first night, the cameras were there to talk to those queuing about their feelings towards this initiative. It was like Father Ted with one woman saying she was delighted as she’d nothing else to do, and it was nice to get out.

This is what kept lockdown going though.

Would these people go to the doctor feeling great and expect him not to wonder about their mental sanity? This was the equivalent, going to get an exam for something they’d zero symptoms of. You can imagine the sort of paralysis that had overtaken them by then.

“Well Jim, the good news is you’ve no Covid; the bad news is your riddled with aids.”

“Well thank God for that nurse. Watching the telly, it seems that Covid is a real killer.”

Q is for QAnon
These folk have got a lot of traction in Ireland of late, when they are no more than a handful of outliers with a weird outlook on life that is so far from reality that they are absolutely no risk to the fabric of society.

And yet the media took a real interest in them across Covid when there were another handful of outliers with a weird outlook on life that was so far from reality, yet they were in charge of everything.

Forget QAnon. What about NPHET?

R is for RTÉ
Far from alone in the media realm, but while others are private businesses and of course should have ethics, the state broadcaster is funded by the people and should have serious obligations.

The old Soviet joke about the two big state media organsations went as follows.

In Pravda (Truth) there is no news (Izvestya). In Izvestya (News) there is no truth (Pravda).

We’ve only one big state media organisation and after everything that Ryan and Claire and Brendan and Miriam and the six-figure salary crew have done to this country, they aren’t getting a pay cut as money runs short. Instead they’re looking to get the taxpayer to put up more.

Just saying, because a bigger license fee is coming to you very soon.

S if for Side Effects
Recall earlier this year how a study came out that depression was up and therefore this must be a symptom of Long Covid. Odd that, as I thought it was up as everyone was locked away. Then again, we live in the time of everything being a side effect of Covid.

Some of the highlights were Covid Tongue (a real suggestion) that caused discolouration (brushing it never came to science’s mind) and perhaps the best of all, Covid Toe. This bad boy suggested chilblains on the feet should require immediate testing.

One wonders where Orla Hegarty was with talk of sandals for ventilation, and where Gerry Killeen was demanding restrictions for the terror of Covid Toe, and where Gabriel Scally was with his warnings that the vaccine won’t stop your pinky getting itchy. Monday morning quarterbacks all.

Most recently, the BBC scared us all some more with this headline around side-effects. “Headache and runny nose linked to Delta Variant.” Throw in watery eyes and it’s almost like the Delta Variant is, you know, hay fever.

On that, did a pain in my hole ever get linked to Covid? No? Well thank God for that.

T is for Test Events
Barcelona got a packed indoor concert. Liverpool filled a warehouse for a rave. The Netherlands had booze in the busy stands at football. The European Championships brought a continent back together. Meanwhile Ireland had The Iveagh Gardens.

If people wanted to stand in an empty field for an evening, I know plenty of farmers that need shite shoveled this time of year. At least make yourself useful, not laughable.

U is for U-Turn
Rats always leave a sinking ship.

Over the coming months and years, be it journalists or ordinary folk, politicians or academics, just watch what happens. A mess has been made and damage has been done and as it unfolds those who cheer-led it for a year will rush to re-write their history.

Thankfully in this age we’ve a record of what they did before, no matter what they say now or next. The mob never faces justice for mob justice. So the least you can do is never forget.

V is for Virtue Signalling
If you can post photos of yourself online wearing a mask despite being alone in the middle of nowhere;

If you can thank Tony for all his work and thank Tony again as not enough saw it the first time;

If you can tell others they aren’t experts despite you not being one, yet still push how great Tony is when you therefore couldn’t possibly know by your own logic;

If you can remind that NPHET are the experts;

If you talk about their great work as cases go down and blame other people as cases go up;

If you can suggest the politicians have to defer to the scientists and remind others there is only this one science;

If you can go on a BLM march despite Covid as it knows better than to target the righteous and warn other protests you don’t like about Covid;

If you can put hashtags about holding tight and being in it together and laugh at Luke O’Neill being a great character and warn that we’ve to take ISAG seriously too as this isn’t gone yet;

If you get a vaccine and make sure to tell everyone that you got it,

Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,   

And, which is more, you’ll be a Man, my son!

W is for Woke
These are a special brand of spoon-benders that have really found their niche in the middle of a pandemic, as it allowed their two favourite pastimes to come together. Protecting themselves and their interests but hiding it behind the veil of being selfless and loving.

They believe democracy is their politics in power. They believe rights are their rights being allowed. They believe peaceful protest is whatever they feel is the concern of the day. They call others rat lickers and granny killers but shout and scream at anyone else (they) being branded as Woke. They believe free speech is vital but demand all words they don’t like are cancelled. They believe in an open mind but enter any conversation they’re skeptical about with a closed mind. They talk about the importance of mental health while abusing those who disagree in a way that would hurt it. They talk of tales of war and waste but turn right over to the TV page.

X is for Xenophobia
Here’s a little nugget of calm analysis and attempted understanding that’s long been missing.

For years those who talked about immigration in a negative light were frowned upon as xenophobic. Yet during Covid, those that did such frowning have demanded mandatory hotel quarantine and all sorts of barriers that largely hurt immigrants.

But the similarities between the groups are striking.

Those who don’t want immigration tend to oppose it out of a concern around their primary worries of houses and work and a place in society being taken by someone else. And those who didn’t want immigration during Covid tended to oppose it out of a concern around their primary worries of variants and the growth in numbers of the virus.

Basically, they’re all anti-immigration when it is them and their needs on the line.

Who’d have thought you all had so much in common?

A strange new world.

Y is for You’re All Fucking Mental
Six weeks to sixteen months. Nine-euro meals. Receipts so the government know what you’ve digested. Five kilometre limits. Gym closures. No one in giant stadiums. Granny at the open window and grandad in the shed for Christmas dinners. Folks back from the UK eating that same meal alone in a bedroom. People in shower curtains embracing one another. Arctic explorers explaining how to have a picnic in the garden. Lads in space suits walking around. Wall turning when passing someone on the street. Jogging in a mask. Washing your hands some more until there’s no skin left. Leaving tinned food in the garage for weeks so the virus goes away. Gardaí keeping mountain tops safe from humans and boasting about it online. Scrubbing the shopping bags when you get home. Concerts in space balls. An end to hand-shakes for all eternity. Claire Byrne broadcasting from a shed. Ryan Tubridy having people injected on his show. Presuming all illnesses are Covid. A national scandal and court cases because two women got their tits done.

Park life?

Z is for Zeneca
The first of the miracle cures that came along late in 2020 and that has allowed us to return to no real normality a full seven months later and with no end in sight. A life-saver and a game-changer that involved so much politics that there were port seizures, diplomatic rows, late deliveries and eventual dumping of it onto poorer countries. Only available to those over 60 with a second dose eight weeks after it meaning safety within days. A second dose of something else perhaps can be used as the only real downside is clots.

(Please see Astra for further ‘the science’…)

Actually kids, best stay inside after all. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

18 June, 2021


  1. Bryan collins · · Reply

    Absaloutely spot on ewan!

  2. Tony Whelan · · Reply

    Y. It sums up the whole dam thing.
    Can’t but laugh and agree we are mental 😂
    Pints on the way enjoy 👍

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